Find Clinical Trials Near You!

Visit to find a clinical trial going on near you. Get access to potential treatments before it’s widely available. Participate in making a difference! If you have high cholesterol and triglycerides, we are currently conducting a clinical trial where a natural omega-3 and red yeast rice combination product is being investigated in the below cities with the following doctors.

Take the survey at these links to see if you are eligible to participate:

Dr. Linda Glaser, M.D., Cholesterol Research in Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Anthony Mills, M.D., Cholesterol Research in Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Ram Gordon, M.D., Cholesterol Research in Bridgeport, CT

Dr. David Becker, M.D., Cholesterol Research near Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Daniel Edmundowicz, M.D., Cholesterol Research in Philadelphia, PA